Bring color to your bash

Bring color to your bash


Clemens Kaserer

June 1, 2020


If you work most of the time on the CLI like I do you might want to add a bit of color to your shell. With this customized bashrc you get a bash prompt streched over 2 line so you can easily see the user, host, path and git branch if you are in a git repository at a glance. In addition ls and grep are colorized if your system supports it. As always you can check out the sourcecode in the associated git repository on github at



Here is how

First we clone the git repository to your machine via

git clone

Next we configure your ~/.bashrc to source the content of the bashrc file from the repo. We do that by adding the following line to the end of your ~/.bashrc.

if [ -f /path/to/bash-bashrc/bashrc ]; then . /path/to/bash-bashrc/bashrc; fi

What did we do just now?! By adding the line above to your ~/.bashrc we source the /path/to/bash-bashrc/bashrc file if the file exists on a new bash.

It won’t work right away since your ~/.bashrc is only read when you open a new shell. Either open a new shell by executing


or source the /path/to/bash-bashrc/bashrc file manually in your current shell by executing

. /path/to/bash-bashrc/bashrc

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